Prakash Prasad

Project Title

AI for Starcraft:Brood Wars


AI controller for a real-time strategy (RTS) game requires several AI techniques to work together at all times such as unit level controllers and overall strategy controllers. In application, RTS bots have a reputation for being extremely predictable and hence, human players find them very easy to beat. In this project, our group decided to create several different kinds of AI controllers for Starcraft: Brood War game. My role on the project was to evolve a unit controller (using Genetic Algorithm) that would be able to control any unit in the game (except controlling special spell-casting powers).

  • BWAPI based unit manager
  • CSV data reader/writer for recording samples and test data
  • Compilation of C++ code into static libraries
  • DLL injection into the game via Chaoslauncher

C++, AI Algorithms

Source Code

Github - AI for Starcraft:Brood Wars


Built binaries for the AI Modules