Prakash Prasad

Project Title

Heroes & Generals


This game combines the immediate gains of a First Person Shooter (FPS) game with the long term planning of Real Time Strategy (RTS). It has enough to keep a vast variety of players involved.

It is World War II, and forces in Europe are constantly at each other's throats to gain tactical advantage in the great war. Players can influence the war directly by acting as 'Heroes' (fighting in FPS battles) or as 'Generals' (planning on the RTS scale).

Generals control tactical units on the ground - where they will move, which city they will fortify and which battle they will reinforce. Wherever opposing tactical units meet, a new battle is spawned for soldiers to join. The resources that made it to the battle are the only ones these FPS players will have against the opposition. The victors on this battle take control of the city and the opposing forces have to retreat out of town.

The grand strategy for the generals is to occupy as many cities with resources as possible so that the war machine can keep rolling. Eventually the faction which controls enough 'capitals' wins the war.

  • Message based communication system using google's protocol buffers
  • Event handlers triggered by these messages would carry out the core functionalities for the game
  • Managed state cache for each war
  • In memory data backend, with persistent storage in SQL (PostgreSQL)

C#, protocol buffers, SQL


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