Prakash Prasad

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Carioca is a first person RPG which was an experiment about how player interaction with the environment can be used to drive the game's narrative and environment.

The game takes place in a working class environment where resources are tight. The environment has certain resources that easier to come by like rest, but many others that are not - food, entertainment, etc.

In order to keep themselves fulfilled, players can either try to work hard, or they can intimidate NPCs. The goals are not imposed, and neither is the method to achieve them - player decides how they will interact with this environment. And depending on those choices, the environment's visual cues change accordingly.

For example, intimidate too many people and that district's theme gets darker, and the intimidated people flock to the trash piles more to make ends meet. On the other hand, if you are nicer to the NPCs, then they will be friendlier and might help you out as friends. In such a case, as no apparent violence happens and everyone has enough to make ends meet, the environment looks nice and hospitable.

  • Game data stored in SQLite database
  • Dynamic bot spawning based on number of entities in the game database
  • Three different Bot classes - Civilian, Druggie, Gangster
  • Six action spaces - Home, Restaurant, Work, Garbage Pile, Bar, Drug Selling Area
  • Navigation Mesh based bot pathfinding
  • Prioritized bot actions executed using UnrealScript states
  • Custom 'District' volumes to collect gameplay stats
  • SQLite Gameplay logger
  • Custom HUD (using Scaleform)
  • Scaleform based dialogue screen
  • Scaleform based bot action placard
  • Church building where player can donate money to reform a criminal bot

Unreal Engine, UnrealScript, C#, Winforms, SQLite


Windows Binary (198 MB)

Instructions for running the game

Dialog parsing application